Renew Your Marriage Commitment

Renew your commitment to your spouse and make a commitment to grow together with Christ in the center of your marriage for the second half of your marriage.  From our experience, when you renew your commitment there is a new found hope to all of those who are willing to make that commitment.  A Midlife and Beyond Marriage can be the good ole days of dating, the best of times and a new chapter in your love story.  Those couples who choose to forgive, find new ways to have fun and grow together with a great chance of having the best marriage yet.  Really the best is yet to come!

Years ago, we decided to not focus on the things we hadn’t done to make our marriage the very best but instead on the things we could do to make our marriage better.  We decided to make a list, a kind of Marriage Commitment to each other to add to our "It’s All About Us Plan."  It included the things we choose to do to make the rest of our marriage the very best.  We also added a few fun things we’d like to do before our time was over in this world.  We took a whole day, got away, and made a picnic lunch and while sitting under a tree with a pad of paper in hand we came up with our list.  At the top of the page we put:

Things we will do to grow together in the second half of marriage

We will put the memories of the past that don’t serve us away and focus the rest of our marriage on our blessings.

We will forgive and give forgiveness quickly when needed.

We will accept each others flaws and do our best to see the good in each other.

We will wake up each morning and give each other a hug and kiss.

We will let our spouse know we love them each day and add a special why along with it.

We will celebrate our marriage in a location of our choice and make it a special time of the year.

We will balance our family life putting God first, my spouse second and everyone else will have to take a number.

We will take a day each month for a date night to just sit down and dream together.

This is our list.  I want you to make a Marriage Commitment list for yourselves.  Feel free to borrow from our list or make your own list of things you want to do to grow your relationship in the second half of marriage. 

Happy Over 50 Marriage Counseling

Lori Giovannini is a Certified Marriage and Family Life Coach, a Couples Weight Loss Coach, and a Certified Brain Health Coach with Amen Clinics. Lori served as the Executive Director of a large Catholic Women’s Nonprofit before becoming a Coach. 

Not only is Lori an experienced Relationship and Brain Health Coach, she has 20 years of experience facilitating marriage retreats, workshops and seminars with her husband Lou, a Deacon in the Catholic Church. 

Her heart has always been in the prayer and healing ministry. She helps both spouses and married couples grow mentally, emotionally, intimately and spiritually through private coaching, group couples coaching, courses, bible studies and retreats. 

She has proven coaching tools and couple’s techniques to help spouses at any stage or phase of their marriage. Today she helps couples successfully BLOOM in to their second half of married life with love, purpose, passion and fulfilled faith.

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