Lori Giovannini is an International Speaker and Holistic Wellness Coach who
uses her education and experience as a licensed Professional Brain Health Coach
and Trainer with Amen Clinics, Life and Weight Loss Coach with the Life Coach
School, and certified Positive Intelligence Coach to help both men and women
live a Happy, Healthy, and Holy Married Life. 

Lori has been working with individual spouses and married couples since 1990.
She shows how Brain Health, Science, Spirituality, and Mindset work together for
a happier marriage. She helps her clients weaken their negative mind chatter
and rewire their brain's neuropathways using tools like mental fitness,
so they can live without the stress and anxiety of life’s circumstances.
Lori teaches the Jesus Mindset  to connect to the spiritual mind of God for clarity,
discernment, and purpose.

Lori has over 20 years of experience facilitating Retreats, Seminars and
Workshops many alongside her husband Lou, a Deacon in the Catholic Church.
Some of her favorites include "Understanding the Difference Between a Man and
Woman’s Brain Can Change Your Life"
, "Marriage with Christ",
"Living In Your Temperaments and Spiritual Gifts for a Better Marriage".

Lori and Lou have been married for 34yrs and have three adult children. She likes
to read, find the next best health cure, golf, travel and spend time with her
spouse and family.

Lori is not just a Speaker and Coach. She includes her knowledge of brain health
along with managing your mind and emotions to improve your marriage.
She has created unique teaching tools and techniques to help both spouses
at any stage or phase of their marriage.

Lori helps couples successfully BLOOM into their second half of married life
with love, purpose, passion, and fulfilled faith.

Here's what clients say about Lori

Lori is full of Holy Spirit wisdom and blessed us with it throughout our 8 weeks with her. Each week she taught us an easy and practical tool or technique that we could immediately implement in our marriage. My wife and I talk about how our marriage is so different than before her program and how grateful we are for our new revitalized faith-filled marriage.

Mike & Carrie R.

When we started with Lori we hadn’t had sex for over 2 years because of a health issue. We struggled a lot and didn’t realize it was the root cause of much of our arguing. Lori helped us to look at this with new eyes and find new ways to be intimate with each other. We were able to bring back love and affection into our marriage while healing old wounds, while finally seeing the best in each other.

Mary & Tony G

Since working with Lori we have a new level of appreciation, intimacy, and respect for each other and our relationship. After all these years, we never realized it could be this good. Thank you, Lori, for believing in us and helping us to bloom!

Kim & Greg P.

A Happy Over 50 Marriage is a New Chapter of Love for You and Your Spouse

A time to create special memories that will last your lifetime. An opportunity to learn about your spouse in unique and exciting ways. Going deeper, creating a new level of intimacy, love, companionship, appreciation, and spirituality with each other. Caring for each other in ways like never before. Understanding our unique differences and managing our brains. 

I help you create the Midlife and Beyond Marriage you desire with

The Marriage Model
Creating A Marriage with Christ in the Center
Improving Brain Health and Mindset
Learning Communication Styles
Generating Acts of Kindness
Date Night Activities
Creating A Legacy for Generations to remember!

Bring back the Love and Desire for each other. Learn how to love your spouse more today than even the day you were married.

Life Coach School Certified Life CoachLife Coach School Certified Weight CoachCertified Brain Health Coach
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