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Enjoy Married Life
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Do you ever ask yourself or your spouse...

Who are we now that the kids are gone?
What is our marriage going to look like once we both are not working?
You have a good marriage but it's lacking luster and excitement.

Let me help you create the next chapter of your LOVE STORY

Where you take care of yourself and your spouse without feeling guilty.
Focus on putting God in the middle of your marriage.
Design a plan for your future together built on your desires, hopes and dreams.
Everyday acts of kindness becomes the new normal to build up and support each other.
Pray together.
Talk about your future and don't focus on the past.
Learn how to resolve your problems quickly because life is short and your marriage is important to you both.

Resulting in a beautiful future built on love, faith, trust and friendship.

Your Brain is the central communication station that affects every area of your Life
A Happy Marriage includes a healthy brain and mindset.
Have a More Positive Attitude
Increase Motivation
Manage Emotional Life
Better Memory
Be More Active
Increase libido
Less Arguments
Feel Better
Decrease Depression and Aging.
And much more…..

Marriage Coaching Services

Let's Begin With Me

Individual Coaching
It takes only one person to change a marriage

It's important to take care of yourself in order to be able to take care of others. When was the last time you did something for you?

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It's All About Us

Private Couples Coaching
The Ultimate Gift To Your Marriage

Weekly Assignments to implement all the tools in your marriage, including your own Marriage Roadmap.

It's All About Us!

What do you want The next chapter of your love story to look like?

Get my 15 Must Have Marriage Secrets

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Here's what clients say about Lori

  • "Lori is full of Holy Spirit wisdom and blessed us with it throughout our 8 weeks with her. Each week she taught us an easy and practical tool or technique that we could immediately implement in our marriage. My wife and I talk about it all the time how our marriage is so different now than before her program and how grateful we are for our new revitalized faith-filled marriage."

    Mike & Carrie R.
  • Since working with Lori we have a new level of appreciation, intimacy, and respect for each other and our relationship. After all these years, we never realized it could be this good. Thank you, Lori, for believing in us and helping us to bloom!

    Kim & Greg P.

  • I loved everything about Lori’s program especially when she taught us how to “Get Spiritual” with each other 😊

    Randy & Rebecca B.
  • I fell in love with my spouse so long ago. I knew we would be with each other until the end. We just didn’t have a plan to be fulfilled and happy. After coaching with Lori we are now more in love, continuing to grow with God in the middle of our marriage. I love that we are NOW that couple who holds each other’s hand, kiss each other alot every day, love to be with each other, have mutual loving intimacy and sex, that we now pray together and have a fulfilling relationship with each other and God.

    Mike & Carol H.
Life Coach School Certified Life CoachLife Coach School Certified Weight CoachCertified Brain Health Coach
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Life Coach School Certified Life CoachLife Coach School Certified Weight Coach
Certified Brain Health Coach
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